About ProDelete™

Any website, app or platform that accepts user generated content needs a solid line of defence. It's essential to protect your brand, and customers, from the endless nasty business that takes place on the internet. We use a hybrid mix of humans and artificial intelligence to create a formidable security system, which works hard to keep everyone safe, and significantly mitigates the risk of bad press.


Intelligent Content Moderation

  • Fully outsourced content moderation
  • Protect your brand from "trolls and nitwits"
  • Keep kids safe from unspeakable content
  • "Karen-proof" your apps and websites
  • Protect advertisers from adverse publicity
  • Images, videos, text, speech & chatrooms supported
  • Keep content where it belongs
  • Save megabucks in labour, with our AI/human team
  • Simple Integration (We don't need access to your servers, code or database)
  • Reduce your responsibilities & workload

Whether it’s integrating our powerful AI, our highly trained teams, or a hybrid mix of the two, we’re ready to protect your digital world from the worst the Internet can muster. Our 24/7 team of moderators can work with our in-house, or your own preferred choice of software.

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Outsourced Customer Service

We can even share the burden of the entire customer experience, leaving you free to concentrate on the best stuff. With our fully outsourced solution for social media, we can provide…

Friendly customer service

Tech support

Verify photos and profiles

Process refunds and charge backs

Handle account cancellation and password recovery

Deal with user complaints (stolen images, offensive content, hacked profiles)

Handle police / RIPA requests

Manually process GDPR / data access requests

24/7 call centre

Pay-as-you-go, immediately-scalable “Cloud based staffing”

Receive and process physical mail

Store, ship and process merchandise sales and returns

We're fully flexible. We can create a bespoke package that works best for you.

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Our pricing is tailor made for your individual business and requirements.

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